Swiss Design

Often referred to as the International Typographic Style or the International Style, the style of design that originated in Switzerland in the 1940s and 50s was the basis of much of the development of graphic design during the mid 20th century. Led by designers Josef Müller-Brockmann at the Zurich School of Arts and Krafts and Armin Hofmann at the Basel School of Design, the style favored simplicity, legibility and objectivity.

Of the many contributions to develop from the two schools were the use of, sans-serif typography, grids and asymmetrical layouts. Also stressed was the combination of typography and photography as a means of visual communication. The primary influential works were developed as posters, which were seen to be the most effective means of communication.

Josep Müller-Brockmann, Auto Club of Switzerland Poster, 1955

Joseph Müller-Brockmann,  Zürich Town Hall Poster, 1955

Joseph Müller-Brockmann,  1962

Eugene and Max Lenz,  Sports Poster, 1958