Bruce Mau

Born in Ontario, Canada, Bruce Mau started his education of design at the Special Arts at Sudbury Secondary School and continued it at the Ontario College of Art & Design. During his career he has worked with the Fifty Fingers Design Group, Pentagram, Public Good Design and Communications, and his own studio Bruce Mau Design. He has been influential in the fields of book design, typography and design for social change thorugh his work with Zone Books, as well as his own organizations Massive Change and the Institute Without Boundaries.

His work for Zone Books was the major turning point in his career which led him to form his own studio and helped develop the narrative style of design that he uses as a vessel for communication. His work with Zone has spanned over 100 volumes. His other design work encompasses many fields, including typography, architecture, multimedia, product and interior design. His work is a constant effort to improve the welfare of humanity and the Massive Change Project and the Institute Without Boundaries have influenced designers all over the world to be more aware of the environment and culture that they are surrounded by.