Under Consideration

Established in 2002, Under Consideration has created, maintained and contributed to the success of 6 design blogs. All of which have made significant contributions to the growing online community of design professionals. The list includes Speak Up, Word It, The Design Encyclopedia, For Print Only, Brand New and Quipsologies. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit, the sites have all had their part in ushering in the digitization of design information and have provided many designers with an open forum for discussion, education and a sense of community.

Speak Up published over 1600 articles relevant to all aspects of graphic design while For Print Only focuses on printed materials only and Brand New presents and evaluates branding changes of popular corporations. The Design Encyclopedia is exactly what it sounds like, although it never managed to fully get off the ground. Word It was a series of one word challenges issued to any willing participant asking them to visually represent the specific word. Quipsologies is a collection of brief creative references from both the staff and random contributors to the site.