Socially Responsible Design

Image from Firebelly Design
After the success of the advertising profession in the mid-20th century many designers have re-evaluated their role within society. Becoming less concerned with simply pushing the product of large corporate clients and more concerned with the environmental, ecological and social impact of their profession a new generation of designers has emerged in recent years. Socially conscious design studios have started working with organizations and non-profit institutions (that often don't have the budget to hire specialized design professionals) devoted to public welfare, environmental conservation and the arts, among other things, rather than corporate, consumer product manufacturing companies.

Image from Fast Company
Along with the increasing concern for what that their design is promoting, many designers also make an effort to use environmentally conscious methods in the production of their design. In an industry that is used to consuming large amounts of material such as paper there are a variety of options available to designers who are concerned with sustainable production processes. From recycled materials to carbon offsetting it is becoming increasingly more feasible for designers to offer their clients services and solutions that leave little or no footprint of their environmental impact.