Modern Poster Development

While the poster has long been a traditional medium of advertising and design professionals alike, it has also developed into an artisan trade which utilizes the availability of the internet to reach a consumer base wide enough to support its often non-traditional creative offerings. Specialty screen printing shops have enjoyed success in the fields of both fine art and design creating projects that range from artist prints to rock concert posters. One of the draws of screen-printed posters are their handmade quality and personal aesthetic.

Images from The Bird Machine
The poster serves as a form of advertisement, call to action or an artist medium. Highly regarded as one of the most effective forms of visual communication, posters are included in the permanent collections of museums around the world. While the poster is still used as a form of advertisement and utilized by large ad agencies, design firms and individuals alike, the small screen printing shops that produce specialized posters are responsible for the development of many of the aesthetic styles that are popular in modern graphic design.