Louise Fili

A designer who is absolutely enthralled with Italian culture, Louise Fili worked in the book publishing business for 11 years and now runs her own design studio where she specializes in restaurant identity, food packaging and book jacket design. Her interest in food and the Italian culture started when she was very young. The daughter of Italian immigrants, she first visited Italy when she was 16 years old. Her affection for typography also started when she was very young and she would often spend the night-time hours hiding in the dark so she could carve lettering into the wall over her bed.

She was a designer for Herb Lubalin for 3 years before becoming an art director for Pantheon Books. While she was there she designed over 2000 book covers and jackets. She is married to designer and author Steven Heller, with whom she has collaborated on several books with. Louise Fili, Ltd. was founded in 1989, where she continues to create Italian Art Deco inspired designs for a wide variety of clients.