Upper and lower case

One of the first publications intended specifically for the design community, U&lc (shorthand for Upper and lower case) was a product of Herb Lubalin and the International Typeface Corporation. The production run of the magazine lasted from 1970 to 1999 and there were over 120 issues produced during that time. The magazine was an effort to display and advertise for the latest typefaces from ITC, which was the first type foundry to have nothing to do with the production of metal type.

Herb Lubalin served as art director for 11 years, until his death in 1981, and worked with a laundry list of talented designers to produce each issue using the new fonts that ITC had to offer. The publication featured often experimental typographic compositions juxtaposed with illustrations, cartoons, imagery and rhetoric talking about the benefits of the new type designs. It was a success among the design and typography communities and became an instant collectors item as it ushered in an era for expressive typography.