Dada was a cultural movement that was concentrated on anti-war politics which then made its way to the art world through art theory, art manifestoes, literature, poetry and eventually graphic design and the visual arts. The movement, although Dadaists would not have been happy calling it a movement, originated in Switzerland and spread across Europe and into the United States, which was a safe haven for many writers during World War I.

An anti-art movement, Dadaists attempted to break away from the styles of traditional art aesthetics as well as rationality, of any kind. They produced a great many publications as a home for their writings and protest materials which were handed out at gatherings and protests. The visual aesthetics associate with the movement often include found objects and materials combined through collage.

Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917

Cut With The Dada Kitchen Knife, Hannah Höch, 1919

Cover of Anna Blume, Kurt Schwitters, 1919

Cover for Merz 7 Kurt Schwitters, 1924