Motion Graphics

Image from MK12
The invention and success of motion pictures, television, the internet and mobile devices has created a digital medium for many forms of advertisement and design. The field of motion graphics encompasses film titles, broadcast packages, music videos, animation, television commercials, online video and outdoor and indoor digital displays. A relatively new medium for communication, motion graphics utilizes the element of time to its fullest potential in order to communicate its message through visual and audio storytelling through an ever-expanding variety of digital publication outlets (in 2009 CBS and Pepsi produced the first widely distributed in-magazine video advertisement).

Image from Prologue
The increasing availability of user-friendly software used to create motion graphics has provided new tools and mediums for graphic designers to explore. While motion graphics requires a knowledge and application of color, typography, imagery and sound to communicate a visual message, it is not widely recognized as a form of graphic design among many circles. However, that has started to change in recent years and motion graphics has not only been included in many annual design reviews but has been the focus competitions specific to its application.