Daniel Eatock

A native of London, England Daniel Eatock studied at the Ravensbourne College before earning an MA from the Royal College of Art. Upon completion of his degree he immediately started working for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since then he has worked for many clients on a wide array of types of projects including graphic design, identity work, furniture design and many others in what could be called a hybrid practice.

There were several iterations of his current company including the design section of the London-based ad agency BoyMeetsGirl and an informal collaboration with Sam Solhaug called Fonudation 33. He currently operates independently under the company name Eatock, Ltd., and is still located in London. Princeton Architectural Press published his first monograph in 2008 entitled Imprint(image above is from the cover of the book).

Eatock worked together with Jeffrey Vaska to create a web application through which he catalogues his work as his career evolves. He then made it public for anyone to use and there has been a community established to promote its use and development. This site is built using that application (with a few extras), Indexhibit.