Image from Lovely Package
As one of the most widely used forms of three dimensional applications of graphic design, packaging serves as one of the most influential forms of communication with consumers since it provides a first hand experience for individuals. Because of the numerous and varied quantities of consumer based products that are produced in modern society it has one of the widest range of applications of all the forms of graphic design. Millions of different products require unique and individual packaging to set themselves apart from the competition when they reach their retail destinations.

The never-ending creation of new products provides designers with the materials and necessity to produce new and different package designs that utilize a variety of constantly evolving production techniques and materials. Products can be packaged in paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber or even metal, among other things. This requires not only a variety of production process but also printing techniques in order to create and apply the aesthetics of the branding for the individual product or line of products. This never-ending list of possible production techniques requires product designers to be well versed in typography, color and three-dimensional design to ensure that their package designs are unique in every aspect.